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welcome. i'm assuming you're here because you're fed up with #allthethings and you want to do something about it.

this is the bare bones of something i hope will grow far beyond a few wiki pages. it is a sketch, an outline of an activists resource created by a n00b activist in the hope that it can help other n00bs learn too. it's not a single issue site because all issues interconnect. we can't fix one without fixing them all. so, all hands on deck: we are all activists now x

Getting started

Use the navigation sidebar to access the following pages (note they're all work-in-progress so keep coming back to see what gets added and we're always interested in hearing from editors):

    • legal - Some basic FAQs.
      • action rights - A few notes on your rights during non-violent direct actions / protests / rallies.
      • nomadic_rights - A few notes on nomads / bus-dwellers / traveller's rights.
    • guides - Some how-to guides on using social media and photography/video around campaigns.
    • networks - #allthepeople in #alltheplaces doing #allthethings.
    • reading lists - Some great books to get you going.
  • YOU!
    • editors - Help us build content here or ask us questions we can get answered for you.